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Anonymous Asked: "how do you know so much about Abel and his history? :)"



Anonymous Asked: "Just wondering I've heard there was a mixtape before his original mixtapes called "before the balloons" and he was originally called "the noise" is this true?"


Before the balloons not true ! The noise true

Artist: The Weeknd
Song: In Vein (The Weeknd Only)

Behind The Scenes: French Montana (Feat. The Weeknd) - The Gifted 

Ricky Hil - Nomads f/ The Weeknd

Okay so apparently i have been out of the loop or something!

has anybody heard this song before? lol omg im so ashamed ive been slacking! 

welp if your interested in the song just as much as i am heres the download link :) 


Fan Get Together Inspired By Our Love For ‘The Weeknd’

Just by a show of hands lol

How many of you guys would be interested in attending a ‘The Weeknd’ themed get together in Miami ???

r-oxyxo-deactivated20140328 Asked: "i love this page! <3 xo"

marcusmill Asked: "Ur blog is amazing just perfect I love The Weeknd can't wait for Kissland"

soabove Asked: "Okay so hi honey just wanted to say i love the weeknd and your blog follow back??"



ellimacvienuma Asked: "I feel the same way...I love him more than I've ever loved any other artist. I wish I could see him just once and talk to him and kiss him. SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


House Of Balloons Cover Model : Dina Roud

Thursday Cover Model : Meagan Callen

Echoes Of Silence Cover Model : Mikayla Mifsud

Anonymous Asked: "anyone who's read his wikipedia page knows jeremy rose was the one with the idea of the weekend and after their parting abel uploaded the music onto youtube under the weeknd. theres more to it than simply there being another band called the weekend"


okay whatever …. but wikipedia tho? any college student would know that is the last place you want to get accurate info from!
even then ….its still legal issues because he was with jeremy rose and if it was two of them in the group and they split up abel couldnt continue under the name the weekend because jeremy could have sued him.
therefore he changed it to the weeknd!